Saturday, May 18, 2013

Good News from the Mission Field

Last year our church joined in with Orphan's Heart to minister to the Malnutrition Center in Guatemala. Early this year, Aarika and I went to this Malnutrition Center to continue working with these children.  This summer, a team from our church is going again to work in this malnutrition center.
We got word today, that now we have 90 children in the malnutrition center in Guatemala. This is the first time to

have this many children in the center in the 4 1/2 years that Orphan's Heart has been 

working together. We have the opportunity to help 

all these children to get healthy and to go back and be with 

their families. Thank you God for this great task you have 

given us to help these little children.

Our church continues to support a nurse at the malnutrition center for the next two years.  This is our way of being committed to helping these needy children.

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