Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Funding for a Third Nurse at Malnutrition Center in San Juan, Guatemala

Last year, our church mission team went to the Malnutrition  Center in San Juan, Guatemala.  At the center we give love and care for children from infants to ten years of age.  Our team did everything from holding, feeding, bathing, providing medical care, and nurturing spiritual development through Bible stories singing, crafts, games and other activities.  Our group involves itself in maintenance projects in order to bring the facilities to a standard where ore children can be nourished back to full health.

This year Aarika and I went to the Malnutrition Center during Aarika's spring break.  We were also touched by the children and the work that is going on at the center.  Dr. Ron Gunter, the chairman of the board at the center and also Vice President of Orphan's Heart shared with me that the greatest need at this time is a third nurse at the center.  Having this third nurse would allow the center to have a nurse present 24 hours a day.  The center presently has 84 children at the center.

The cost of the nurse is $6,500 a year.  They are asking for a two year commitment.  This gives the center time to seek permanent funding for this project.  I have asked the Deacon of our church, that our church make the commitment for the 3rd nurse at the Malnutrition  Center in San Juan, Guatemala.  Our church has some money in our Misc. Mission Fund that we will use for this project.  We are asking members and friends of First Baptist Church LaBelle to pray for this  project.  God might  want you to be apart of this project.

Checks can be  made out to: First Baptist Church LaBelle
Memo Line:  Nurse Guatemala
Church address:  330 N. Main Street
LaBelle, FL. 33935

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