Monday, March 18, 2013

State Evangelism Conference Update

This week I'm attending the State Evangelism Conference in North Jacksonville.  I arrived Sunday evening to heard the last part of Rick Blackburn's Message.  Rick is Pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in Miami, Florida.  The part of the message I hear was awesome.

I really don't like driving in Jacksonville but I was able to get to the church with no problems.  When I left the church to go to the hotel it was quick and very easy to get to.  I was very thankful for God's provision.

Monday morning I listen to Herb Reavis, the Pastor of North Jacksonville talked about "How to give an Evangelistic Message and Invitation."  His passion for evangelism showed through his teaching on reaching people for Jesus Christ.  I then had the opportunity to listen to Michael Lewis who was Pastor of First Baptist Church Plant City but now he is working for NAMB.  He talked about the "Traditional Blended Church ideas."  He talked from Mark 5 and had us think about to never forget where Jesus found us and to never under estimate the power of our Lord.

Tonight, Dr. John Sullivan, Tony Nolan and Herb Reavis will preach.  This is truly a time of Fresh Ideas.

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