Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guatemala Update

Aarika and I are having a great time in Guatemala.  The people of Antigua are celebrating Holy Week and Sunday evening we got to see one of the processionals.  When we get back, I hope to show you some of the pictures of this event.  It was amazing!

Monday was our first day at the Malnutrition center and I was amazed by the number of children that are at this center.  Three children came into the center of that day and it was a very hard day for these small children.  The nannies that work here work 6 days a week and do 12 hour shifts.  These ladies are awesome.  When groups come this helps them out tremendously.  By 4pm everyone in our group was exhausted.  It was very quiet on the bus on the way back.

Today, I have been having problems with my stomach.  You can pray that it will get better.
I hope you would go the Orphan's Heart.org and check our the Blogs for this mission trip.  They have several pictures listed there as well.

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