Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guatemala Update

Aarika and I are having a great time in Guatemala.  The people of Antigua are celebrating Holy Week and Sunday evening we got to see one of the processionals.  When we get back, I hope to show you some of the pictures of this event.  It was amazing!

Monday was our first day at the Malnutrition center and I was amazed by the number of children that are at this center.  Three children came into the center of that day and it was a very hard day for these small children.  The nannies that work here work 6 days a week and do 12 hour shifts.  These ladies are awesome.  When groups come this helps them out tremendously.  By 4pm everyone in our group was exhausted.  It was very quiet on the bus on the way back.

Today, I have been having problems with my stomach.  You can pray that it will get better.
I hope you would go the Orphan's Heart.org and check our the Blogs for this mission trip.  They have several pictures listed there as well.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gideon's International - LaBelle, Florida

Friday, March 22nd the LaBelle, Florida Gideon's Camp held an Pastor's Appreciation Banquet for the local pastors.  Mark White is the president of the LaBelle Gideon's Camp and lead in a wonderful program for the evening.  Ron Revels lead in reading scripture and gave the opening prayer.  
A wonderful steak dinner with all the trimmings was enjoyed by all.  Special music was given by Bruce and Bethany Corbitt.  Margie Hampton gave the auxiliary presentation.  Jack Benschoter gave his testimony and how the Gideon's touch his life while he was in prison.  Phil Hampton gave the Gideon Message and was a blessing to all.  Chris Smith gave the benediction for the evening.  I was blessed by all who gave of themselves and this was a perfect evening for me and many other pastors in our area.  Thank You!

Gideon International is an association of Christian Business and Professional men banded together in more than 180 countries for fellowship and service.  The purpose of the association is the promotion of the gospel of Christ to all people, to the end that they may know Jesus  Christ as their personal Savior.

In our church we have a Gideon Tribute Card collection rack in the foyer of our sanctuary.  These cards can be used to give in memory of someone, in recognition or Thinking of You. 100 percent of the money given in these envelopes go to purchase Bibles to help in the ministry of spreading the gospel.  Check the rack out in our sanctuary today!

Guatemala Mission Trip

Aarika and I leave Saturday morning March 23rd, heading to Guatemala to work in the Malnutrition Center for the week.  We are meeting part of the group Saturday, March 23rd at the Florida Baptist Children in Miami at 9am then we are traveling by bus to the Miami Airport.  Our flight is 12:45pm and arrive at 1:25pm Guatemala time.  A  group from North Florida will meet us in Guatemala.  On Sunday morning, I will  be bringing the morning message to our group.  Please pray for us as we minister to these children and workers of the Malnutrition Center.

Monday, March 18, 2013

State Evangelism Conference Update

This week I'm attending the State Evangelism Conference in North Jacksonville.  I arrived Sunday evening to heard the last part of Rick Blackburn's Message.  Rick is Pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in Miami, Florida.  The part of the message I hear was awesome.

I really don't like driving in Jacksonville but I was able to get to the church with no problems.  When I left the church to go to the hotel it was quick and very easy to get to.  I was very thankful for God's provision.

Monday morning I listen to Herb Reavis, the Pastor of North Jacksonville talked about "How to give an Evangelistic Message and Invitation."  His passion for evangelism showed through his teaching on reaching people for Jesus Christ.  I then had the opportunity to listen to Michael Lewis who was Pastor of First Baptist Church Plant City but now he is working for NAMB.  He talked about the "Traditional Blended Church ideas."  He talked from Mark 5 and had us think about to never forget where Jesus found us and to never under estimate the power of our Lord.

Tonight, Dr. John Sullivan, Tony Nolan and Herb Reavis will preach.  This is truly a time of Fresh Ideas.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Florida Baptist Convention State Evangelism Conference

I will be attending the 2013 State Evangelism Conference which begins Sunday, March 17th at 6PM  at North Jacksonville Baptist Church.


Here are some of the speakers for our conference.

Rodney Baker

Hopeful Church, Lake City

 Rick Blackwood

Christ Fellowship, Miami

William (Shelly) Chandler

FBC Bonifay

 Glenn Chappelear

Sportsmen's Outreach
Erik Cummings

New Life Church
 Carol City

Rodney Gage

Fellowship Church, Orlando

Troy Gramling

Potential Church
Fort Lauderdale

 Lynn Hyatt

FBC Callahan

Archie Jackson

Hibernia Church
 Green Cove Springs

Thomas Kinchen

Baptist College of Florida

Michael Lewis


Fred Luter, Jr.

Franklin Ave. Church
New Orleans, LA

 Tim Maynard

Fruit Cove Church

Tony Nolan

TNT Ministries

Glen Owens

Florida Baptist Convention

Herb Reavis, Jr.

North Jacksonville Church

Tim Rigdon

North Jacksonville Church

Stephen Rummage

Bell Shoals Church Brandon

John Sullivan

Florida Baptist Convention

Scott Yirka

Hibernia Church
Green Cove Springs

Rodney Keith
Gardenview Church
Terry Land
Florida Church Renewal
Robert Bradow
CrossHeir Outfitters
Grant Ethridge
Liberty Church
Hampton, VA