Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spring Break Mission Trips

This year we have three young ladies from our church who are going on Mission Trips during their Spring Breaks.  

Tonie Marie Tolar who attends, Palm Beach Atlantic will be going to the Dominican Republic.  

Olivia S. Luckey who also attends Palm Beach Atlantic will be going to Bolivia.  

Aarika Deerey who works at Central Elementary School in Clewiston will be going to Guatemala to work at a Malnutrition Center.        

As a Pastor, I am so touched by these young ladies who are taking their break time to go and serve others in another country.  As a church we should pray for them that God will protect and guide them during their missions.  These young ladies are also raising their own money for these trips and if you would like to help one or all three, you can give the money directly to them or to me, and I will see to it that they get your donation.   

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