Thursday, October 25, 2012

Romanian Pastor in Florida

In March 2012, I had the privilege to go to Romania and preach in some of the area churches Zalu, Romania.  While I was there I met Pastor Don Ciutac, his wife and daughter.  At the time he was pastoring Bisericia Baptista in Marca.  This church is very traditional in it's approach to worship but I enjoyed being with these folks and learning from them.  I also preached in a small church in Cosniciu, Romania.  These people were small in number but rich in spirit.  I enjoyed my time at this church.  This small church is also trying to build a permanent sanctuary.  They had part of the foundation laid when I was there in March of this year.  This church is in a very poor section of Romania and they will need help financially to build this building.

Last week I learned that Pastor Don Ciutac was in Florida, so we had been working to get him to LaBelle to share with us about the work in Romania.  Pastor Don will be with us this Sunday, October 28th in morning worship service.

I hope you can come and hear his exciting story of how God is working in Romania.  Let's pray together about this small church in Cosniciu and how we can help them build a permanent worship structure.

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