Friday, April 27, 2012

Teaching In PanamaI

In the morning, I have time to study and prepare for the day. It has been good to have this time each morning. At lunch time each day they pick me up and we go to Metro Mall, which is just a few miles from the hotel. At the mall they have great places to have lunch. On Tuesday we ate Le Carbon (a great steak place), Wednesday we ate at NiKo's (a great Panamanian Cafeteria). Thursday we ate at the Fish de Lemon. I attached a picture of me and my fish. It was totally fried and it was good. We had a good class last night and answer many questions. One student wants me to talk about the rapture tomorrow night. I would like to but this isn't part of this study. After class last night, Bro. Ameth took me and Seawell to Las Americas were some IMB missionaries were teaching a class on planting churches. One of the missionaries is from Texas and other is from Alabama. This morning I have time to prepare for my lesson tonight and for my messages in Darien on Saturday and Las America on Sunday. I was told last night that we will have to leave at 6am on Saturday morning to go to Darien. (You know how much I will enjoy that). It is possible!. Hope you have a good day in the Lord!

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