Saturday, April 28, 2012

Teaching In Panama

Early Saturday morning (6:10am) we left for Darien, which is 4 hours east of Panama City, Panama. Once a month, Bro. Ameth goes to Darien to work with the churches in that area. He is presently teaching Seminary Extension Classes to key leaders within 5 churches. Bro. Ameth ask me to go with him to teach on systematic bible study and devotion time. We arrived their around 10am and people were already assembled. We ended up with 30 students for the 3 hour meeting. I taught for 45 minutes and Bro. Ameth taught the rest of the time. Daniel List and Carol also came with us on this trip. Carol was my translator and she did a great job. The roads to Darien were very interesting. At times the roads were just dirt and pot holes. Some of the bridges were washed out and temporary bridges were in place. This highway is the Pan American highway which goes to Colombia. We also had to go through 6 check points. We were thankful that they only stop us at one check point and checked passports. At Darien I saw a man that Jeff and I taught in one of our first classes at the Seminary. This man is now a Pastor and brought several of his members to this meeting we were at today. It was rewarding to see someone we taught 5 years ago, now pastoring a church in some of the remote parts of Panama. Praise the Lord!

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