Saturday, April 28, 2012

Teaching In Panama

Early Saturday morning (6:10am) we left for Darien, which is 4 hours east of Panama City, Panama. Once a month, Bro. Ameth goes to Darien to work with the churches in that area. He is presently teaching Seminary Extension Classes to key leaders within 5 churches. Bro. Ameth ask me to go with him to teach on systematic bible study and devotion time. We arrived their around 10am and people were already assembled. We ended up with 30 students for the 3 hour meeting. I taught for 45 minutes and Bro. Ameth taught the rest of the time. Daniel List and Carol also came with us on this trip. Carol was my translator and she did a great job. The roads to Darien were very interesting. At times the roads were just dirt and pot holes. Some of the bridges were washed out and temporary bridges were in place. This highway is the Pan American highway which goes to Colombia. We also had to go through 6 check points. We were thankful that they only stop us at one check point and checked passports. At Darien I saw a man that Jeff and I taught in one of our first classes at the Seminary. This man is now a Pastor and brought several of his members to this meeting we were at today. It was rewarding to see someone we taught 5 years ago, now pastoring a church in some of the remote parts of Panama. Praise the Lord!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Teaching In PanamaI

In the morning, I have time to study and prepare for the day. It has been good to have this time each morning. At lunch time each day they pick me up and we go to Metro Mall, which is just a few miles from the hotel. At the mall they have great places to have lunch. On Tuesday we ate Le Carbon (a great steak place), Wednesday we ate at NiKo's (a great Panamanian Cafeteria). Thursday we ate at the Fish de Lemon. I attached a picture of me and my fish. It was totally fried and it was good. We had a good class last night and answer many questions. One student wants me to talk about the rapture tomorrow night. I would like to but this isn't part of this study. After class last night, Bro. Ameth took me and Seawell to Las Americas were some IMB missionaries were teaching a class on planting churches. One of the missionaries is from Texas and other is from Alabama. This morning I have time to prepare for my lesson tonight and for my messages in Darien on Saturday and Las America on Sunday. I was told last night that we will have to leave at 6am on Saturday morning to go to Darien. (You know how much I will enjoy that). It is possible!. Hope you have a good day in the Lord!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teaching in Panama

Our Bible Study Methods class is going very well. We are up to 23 students in our class. I felt that last night the class got more at ease. They started asking more questions. After class I had several students waiting to talk to me about different thoughts they had. We have two more nights of class. Please continue to pray for these students as they learn more about the Bible. On Saturday, Bro. Ameth is taking 4 of us to Darien. It is a 4 hour drive from Panama City. He wants me to teach but I am not sure on what subject. He just ask if it was possible and I told him, Yes. These people in Darien are not able to come to Panama City to get training so he goes out there to teach. On Sunday, I will be preaching Las Americas in Panama City. My prayers are for you and your families. May God Bless You!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Teaching in Panama

Monday night I taught my first class with this new group on the east side of Panama City, Panama. We had 18 students for the first night and leaders expect 7 more students on Tuesday. Of the 18 students, they represent 5 churches in the area. Most of the students are from the church that is hosting us. Please pray for this group because they are making a 2 1/2 year commitment to this program. It is very hard for them because of the way the program is set up for them. We meet every night for 5 days during one week and teach from 6 to 9pm for that one course. Many of the students come straight from work and haven't had time for supper. The students are tired when they get here because many of them have put in long hours for their job. Please pray for them because many of them will the future leaders in the churches in Panama.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Teaching In Panama

I arrived in Panama this morning. I drove from LaBelle to Miami last night and arrived at the hotel around 9:40pm. Had a wake up call at 4:15am (Whoa) and left the hotel at 5am. The flight over was pretty smooth. Bro. Ameth met me at the airport which was very crowded. He drove me to the church where we will be having class tonight. This area of Panama hasn't had a class for the BTCP before. He is hoping for 25 students tonight. I would appreciate your prayers for this new group that is starting a 2 and half year journey in this program. Hope you are having a good day. Let's remember that the Lord is good (all the time) Amen!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teaching in Panama!

In 2007 I was introduced to the ministry down in Panama. Pastors and Professors from Luther Rice Seminary were going down to this country to teach local Pastors and lay leaders. The Bible Training Centre For Pastors has developed a 10 course curriculum that we are teaching to local Pastors in this country. For some of these Pastors, this is the only training that they are able to receive. One of the teachers was unable to teach this spring so I was ask to fill in at the last moment. I will be leaving Miami on Monday morning and will be teaching Monday through Friday from 6 to 9pm. I will be teaching the first course of the curriculum, "Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation." On Saturday, Bro. Ameth has ask me to travel to Darien to talk about Biblical Training in that area. On sunday, April 29th, I will preach in the Las American Church. I will travel back late on Sunday night getting into Miami around 1am. I ask for your prayers as I travel this next week. Pray for the local Pastors and church leaders in Panama they will be going through this training. God is doing a mighty work in Panama. Each year I have gone to Panama I see more people from all over the world who are moving to this beautiful country. I'm glad we are preparing the local Pastors and church leaders for the mission field that is coming to them.