Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Church Directory

Dear Church Members and Friends of First Baptist LaBelle

I am excited to announce that we’re going to create a new pictorial directory of our church family. The directory will help us connect names with faces. It will be an 100th Anniversary Issue and an ideal outreach tool and will capture the history of our church congregation.

Please participate! All I ask is that you have your picture taken by the professional photographer and meet with a portrait consultant at the church. For the next several weeks, we will be making appointments at the church. Please sign up as soon as possible to get the best appointment to fit your schedule.

• Every participating family/household that selects a pose for the directory will receive a free church directory and a $25 Portrait Gift Certificate, no purchase necessary.
• You will only need to come to the church once for photography and for portrait viewing.
• The program is available at no cost to the church budget.
• You will have the opportunity to purchase portraits and frames on the same day of photography. All portraits come with a 100% unconditional guarantee.
• Whether you decide to dress formally or casually, you will want to make the most of this opportunity.

Please volunteer! We can always use help in running the sign-up tables, checking people in for appointments, or calling for appointment reminders. It will take a group effort to make this a reality and I ask for your support by volunteering just a little of your time.

The scheduled dates for photography and portrait viewing are January 19 -21, 2012

If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Jackie Moody at the church office at 863-675-2171.

We look forward to seeing everyone in the directory. Our new pictorial directory just won’t be complete without you!


Pastor Frank Deerey, Jr.

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