Friday, July 29, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 Nicaragua Mission Team

Tonie Marie Tolar led us in our devotion this morning at 7am and she spoke from Hebrews 12 and 1 John 3:18.

It was a busy day at the Nursing Home. Preston was doing electrical work and Roy was doing plumbing. Some of guys were cutting down tree limbs that were on the roof of one of the buildings. When they removed the branches they realized it had rotted some of the tin. Roy and Preston patched the roof with some of the materials they bought the day before. Some of the team scraped the bars on the windows and then painted them. Paul Martin painted the small office and Emily Hull did the trim work. Some of the girls spent time with the residents, and they made bracelets for them and passed out gifts and snacks they had purchased for them.

Debbie Tolar had a special project. His name was Daniel, aka Oscar the Grouch, and he was 95 years old. He was a very hard patient. Debbie was consistent in her ministry with him and she finally was able to pray with him on the last day.

The Director of the Nursing Home spoke to us today and gave us his welcome. He shared his vision for the Nursing Home. They will be celebrating their 60th anniversary in August and the painting and cleaning work we did is helping them get ready for their anniversary. They have 12 residents and unfortunately that is all they can have because of their dilapidated buildings. The main building that used to house residents has damage to the roof, water leaks, and mold. It is being used now for storage, as it cannot have residents stay in it. They are hoping to build new rooms and a chapel in the future. They have problems with their sewer lines and they are working on getting it fixed. They must also install bug screens on all the windows, and they are in the process of putting screens in to keep the residents from being bit.

There are several live-in workers that stay 24-7 with the residents and care for them. The ladies work 15 days on (day and night) and 3 days off. Those three days are the only time they see their families at home, and the director told us most of them have husbands and children, but love the residents so much they choose to do this. They make about $125 a month for their salary. These ladies that work at the Nursing Home are doing everything from yard work to bathing, feeding, and giving medications to the residents. We hope we can go back in the future and work with these people again.

Working at the church today was wonderful. Freddie, one of the translators, got with Preston III, Emily, and Corie and they sang a song during VBS this afternoon. Preston Jr., did the ABC presentation and 25 kids raised their hand to receive Jesus Christ as Lord. The church presented each of the Mission Team a small gift for coming and helping them with these street children, which we treasure.

During VBS, Howie Hooper and I were able to visit with the Pastor of the church at his home. He has been pastor of this church for 20 years and is 78 years old. The Pastor shared his salvation testimony and then we talked about the work in Nicaragua. When Howie and I got back to the VBS the meals were being served to the children. Since Wednesday was our last day at this church, Preston Jr., and Roy Herrera made arrangements to have a Ice Cream wagon at the school and give the children ice cream. The children were really excited about the ice cream and it was a blessing to see all the smiles on their faces.

Our team was sad today when we left the church and nursing home because we had made so many new friends and we hated to leave them. We will miss the children, the nursing home residents, and the workers we met here terribly. Please be in prayer for the continued support of Orphan's Heart, Bethel church, and Hogar Senil Bautista nursing home, so that their incredible ministries can continue to bless their community.

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