Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011 Nicaragua Mission Trip

Preston brought the devotion this morning.

We had a different bus driver today. This driver wasn't as smooth as our other one and the trip was bumpier than before. Today we went to a different church that has it own school attached to it. This church is the one that Rosa, our main translator for the week, attends. We did three days of VBS lessons in one day, as a whole group because we didn't have enough translators to break into smaller groups and teach the lessons by class. After teaching the ABC's of salvation to the children, they broke the group up into age-group classes and did some crafts. The children enjoyed painting and some ended up painting things other than the crafts we provided. One of the other crafts was making bracelets and they enjoyed this as well.

A small meal was served for the kids, which was fried chicken, some sort of slaw, and juice. It was very warm today and our group was looking forward to lunch, just to cool off.

After lunch at the mall, Howie and Rosa had a surprise for us. They took us to an old volcano in the heart of the city and we were able to learn some of the history of Managua, Nicaragua. The real surprise that they had set up was for the group to be able to take a zip line trip over the old volcano. Several in our group went: Preston Jr., Preston III, Paul Martin, Greg Zimmerly, Aaron Deerey, Corie Tolar, Tonie Marie Tolar, Emily Hull and Howie Hooper. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and we got some funny pictures.

Since Thursday was our final day Howie took us to a big market so we could buy gifts. It was very hot inside this market and it was easy to get lost in there. I would have to say it was a very interesting place and overall the people were nice.

Tonight we had a "typical" Nicaraguan meal. It was set up buffet-style and I was surprised that everybody seemed to enjoy it. After supper we started packing to go home. I think as a group we are sad to leave, but ready to go home and be with our families.

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