Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 24,2011 in Nicaragua

Our Mission Team attended church in Managua, Nicaragua at Bethel Baptist Church. When we arrived they had just baptized four individuals. The music service was in full swing and it was a blessing to be apart of this exciting church. I was asked to give a word of greeting to the Pastor of the church and the congregation. The church is a very friendly church.

The Pastor brought a great message from book of Exodus. He talked about the children of Israel and the need for the church to march forth when the Lord directs us. The children of Israel were back up to the sea and God said march forth. The Pastor talked about how we should march for the Lord and his church needs to move forward. At the end of his sermon he lead the church in Onward Christian Soldiers. To hear this congregation of 250 sing this song was very moving.

After the service our group leader, Howie Hooper, took our group a sight seeing tour of the area surrounding Managua. We began with lunch and then spent about an hour in a open air market. Then we saw the Masaya Volcano which is still active, so we parked for a quick get-a-way. In fact, the first Catholic priest to see it declared the crater to be the door to hell and erected a cross.

That evening I had the privilege of preaching in this great church. My message was from Phillippians 2:14-16. I talked about how we need to be bright lights in a dark world. Jesus is the Light of the Word and we need to let him shine in our lives. It was a honor to share with these Christians in Nicagarua.

God gave us a blessed day.

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