Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This past Sunday, I attended Westside Baptist Church in Ponchatoula, Louisiana with Ms. Nell, my Dad's wife. I always enjoy attending other churches but I don't get that opportunity very often. Dr. Jerry Pounds is Pastor of this wonderful loving church. The Mission Statement for this church is Loving God, Loving Others, Reaching the World For Jesus Christ." I thought to myself that this simple statement sums up what churches need to do. I pray for our church that we would Love God with all of our heart and love of others as well. In this world today, people need to know that they are loved. The church needs to be a loving place and will accept people where they are and love them as God loves us.

I pray that we would be reminded that the churches job is to Reach the World for Jesus Christ. Here lately people have been thinking about the second coming of Christ. Christ is coming again and we need to be prepare for his coming. I believe time is short and we still need to be out reaching this world for Christ. Let's go out and Love God, Love Others and Reach Out.

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