Friday, June 3, 2011

Prayers for my Dad

Wednesday around 12:30pm I got a call from my brother that my Dad stop breathing and they were having difficulty getting a tube down him. I talked to Cathy and decided for me to fly down to New Orleans. I went home and pack real quick and drove back to the church and Preston took me to the airport. I arrived in New Orleans around 7:50pm and my two cousins pick me up and took me to my Dad in Hammond.

When I went in the room he look peaceful, like he was sleeping. Just seeing him gave me a peace about everything. The Doctor came in at 10:00pm and told us that he was stable and resting. Jim and I stay until 12:30am that morning before going to get some rest.

On Thursday, Dad was stable most of the day. A few times his blood pressure fell below 90 but overall good. He seem that he was in no pain. They try to remove the sedation but he begin chewing his tube and shaking so they decided to keep it on for awhile longer. He had a good night.

Friday, he is still resting. Still on ventilator and sedated. His blood pressure is holding it's own. They are still giving antibiotic for infection. They still don't know where the infection is coming from.

My visit has allow Ms. Nell and Jim to get a little rest. I'm glad I could help out in that way. I thank everyone for their prayers for my Dad and Ms. Nell. I thank you for allowing me to come at any time to be with my Dad. I am thankful for the Deacons in our church and how Preston and Frank Dana are there to fill in.

Pastor Frank

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