Friday, April 29, 2011

Panama Classes

This week Cathy and I have had the privilege to teach in connection with Luther Rice Seminary the BTCP class - Church Ministry Administration and Education. We traveled each night to the town of La Chorrera about an hour from Panama City. We had twelve students each night.

This was a very rewarding time to get to know each one of the students. It was also a joy to learn about their churches and what they were doing in them. We had six Pastor's in our group and the rest were lay people. These people would come straight from work and we would meet from 6pm to 9pm - Monday through Thursday night. One night we talk about, Worship, Marriage & Divorce, and the role of women in the church. That night was a very busy night but rewarding.

Please pray for this group as they will be graduating in November of this year. They have three more classes to take. Panama sees the need to train it's Pastor's and lay leaders so they can have a greater impact on their country.

I'm thankful to our church for having a part in educating the leaders of Panama. The Mission of Christ continues.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Cathy and I are leaving today for Panama. While in the country of Panama I will be teaching local Pastor and leaders of the church. I will be teaching the course "Church Ministry Administration Education". This is my fifth time to go to Panama and it is a blessing each time.

This trip is special because it is the first time that Cathy is able to go with me because in the pass she was teaching school. This week she has spring break so she is able to go with me.

This trip is special also because I have been ask to preach a 3 day revival while I'm there at the Las America Church in Panama City, Panama. Please pray for this revival!

Please pray for us as we travel today!