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From the beginnings of Christendom, believers have been persecuted for their faith. From the first-century apostles who sat at the feet of the incarnate Christ to those in the 21st century who faithfully proclaim Jesus is Lord, many have fallen at the hands of those who are offended by the Gospel.

In places like Iran, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, China, Nigeria, North Korea, Turkmenistan, and many others, Christians are forbidden to practice their faith. Yet they persist despite the threat of property destruction, harassment, imprisonment, and even death. And the intensity of their faith is incomprehensible to their persecutors. These who persist are loyal to the death to the King of kings, not worldly leaders (Psalm 118:8).

What are the persecuted asking from us? Our prayers on behalf of those who torment them. Their prayer is that the hearts of their attackers will be opened to the Gospel. They are not asking for relief from their physical suffering, but that those who are in spiritual darkness will find the Light (Matthew 5:44).

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If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me before it hated you.
—John 15:18

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…WHEREAS, The principle of religious liberty is rooted in Scripture, demonstrated in the gospel, and foundational to the nature of the human spirit as created by God; …

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The United States and every civilized nation in the world must make human rights an inextricable part of their foreign policy, so that economic and military agreements and decisions are never separated from basic human rights.

All this material is found The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission website:

This morning I'm preaching the sermon "We Can't Stop Speaking" from Acts 4:19-20. We must continue to preach God's word in our own area of this country.

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