Monday, March 21, 2011

Game Day

I was truly moved by our services this past Sunday. Dr. Ron Long from Luther Rice Seminary preach an outstanding message on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. If you didn't hear it, I would encourage you to listen to it as soon as we get it on our web site. At the invitation time people were lined up at the altar praying for family members who don't Jesus Christ. Just to see that site was moving. You could feel the Holy Spirit moving in our church.

Sunday afternoon we had the ordination council for Preston Long, Jr. All the deacons of First Baptist Church LaBelle were present. Pastor Ashley Bulter from Eastside Baptist church and Pastor Bill Maddox from First Christian Church were here. Rev. Everett Rafferty our Director of Missions for Royal Palm Association was here and Dr. Ron Long from Luther Rice Seminary. Special guest invited by Preston were Pat Langford, and Brian Beer. The council used this time exam Preston on his beliefs concerning the Bible and Jesus Christ. Members of the council also took time to give advise to help Preston in his ministry. After the time of questioning the council took a vote and voted unanimously to recommend him for ordination to the church.

Sunday nights service began with the Song, "I Am Free". Jesus Christ has Freed Us from everything. Lonnie Howard the Chairman of the Deacon Body at First Baptist read Scripture. Dr. Ron Long gave the Charge to the Candidate by preaching from Ephesians 3:7-8. Then came the time to Lay Hands on Preston and this was a moving sight. To see members of this church pray over Preston. God Be the Glory.

After the service we had a reception for Preston and his family. Our Deacons wives did a wonderful job of preparing everything for the reception. Thanks.

As you can see the title of this article is Game Day. Dr. Long always reminds us preacher boys that Sunday is coming. When I picked him up Sunday Morning for church he told me, preacher, "This is Game Day." What a Day we had in the Lord!

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