Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bright Lights In A Dark World

Our world is getting darker and darker. Jesus Christ is the only true light.

Philippians 2:14-15
"Do everything without grumbling and arguing, so that you may be blameless and pure, children of God who are faultless in a crooked and perverted generation, among whom you shine like stars in the world."

Jesus is the only true light, but as believers we are to be "shining lights". We are to Shine In a Dark World. As believers we are to walk and live a lifestyle that is so distinct from the worlds darkness that it like a star shining in the midnight sky.

Philippians 2:16
"Holding firmly the message of life. Then I can boast in the day of Christ that I didn't run in vain or labor for nothing."

The message of the word is an introduction to life. This world thinks they are really living and that pleasure, possession, popularity, and promotion is what life is all about. God's Word not only tells you where you can find life, but how you can give your life to him.

Till Christ comes our world will get darker and darker but as a Christian we are to be the shining light so that others might find Jesus Christ.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunday is Coming!

For a preacher that statement, "Sunday is Coming," reminds him that at least two sermons need to be prepared. As I shared in my last article, Sunday is Game Day for the preacher. So all week the Pastor is thinking about Game Day. Sunday School, Morning Worship, Meeting New People, Talking with members, Committee meetings, and Evening Worship.

Game Day is important because it is the Lord's Day. The Lord's people will be present to worship the Lord. People who don't know Christ might hear the gospel and might respond in such a way that they give their heart to Jesus Christ. So sometimes we need to be reminded that "Sunday Is Coming" and are we ready for "Game Day"

As Sunday is approaching let's invite our friends and family to be apart of the Lord's Day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Game Day

I was truly moved by our services this past Sunday. Dr. Ron Long from Luther Rice Seminary preach an outstanding message on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. If you didn't hear it, I would encourage you to listen to it as soon as we get it on our web site. At the invitation time people were lined up at the altar praying for family members who don't Jesus Christ. Just to see that site was moving. You could feel the Holy Spirit moving in our church.

Sunday afternoon we had the ordination council for Preston Long, Jr. All the deacons of First Baptist Church LaBelle were present. Pastor Ashley Bulter from Eastside Baptist church and Pastor Bill Maddox from First Christian Church were here. Rev. Everett Rafferty our Director of Missions for Royal Palm Association was here and Dr. Ron Long from Luther Rice Seminary. Special guest invited by Preston were Pat Langford, and Brian Beer. The council used this time exam Preston on his beliefs concerning the Bible and Jesus Christ. Members of the council also took time to give advise to help Preston in his ministry. After the time of questioning the council took a vote and voted unanimously to recommend him for ordination to the church.

Sunday nights service began with the Song, "I Am Free". Jesus Christ has Freed Us from everything. Lonnie Howard the Chairman of the Deacon Body at First Baptist read Scripture. Dr. Ron Long gave the Charge to the Candidate by preaching from Ephesians 3:7-8. Then came the time to Lay Hands on Preston and this was a moving sight. To see members of this church pray over Preston. God Be the Glory.

After the service we had a reception for Preston and his family. Our Deacons wives did a wonderful job of preparing everything for the reception. Thanks.

As you can see the title of this article is Game Day. Dr. Long always reminds us preacher boys that Sunday is coming. When I picked him up Sunday Morning for church he told me, preacher, "This is Game Day." What a Day we had in the Lord!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ordination of Ronald Preston Long, Jr.

On Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 6pm, First Baptist Church of LaBelle will ordain Ronald Preston Long, Jr. in the Gospel Ministry. Preston works with our Youth and leads our church in many ways. Preston has been ordained as a Deacon of our church and License in the Gospel Ministry. Now the church has voted to ordain him into the Gospel Ministry.

On Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 4pm our Deacons, Director of Missions, Local Pastors and friends will question Preston about his beliefs. This councils job is to examine him that his beliefs are from the Bible and to pray for him as he enter this stage of ministry.

Please make plans to join us on Sunday, March 20th for Preston's Ordination. Dr. Ron Long from Luther Rice Seminary were Preston is working on his B.A. will be part of this special service.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


From the beginnings of Christendom, believers have been persecuted for their faith. From the first-century apostles who sat at the feet of the incarnate Christ to those in the 21st century who faithfully proclaim Jesus is Lord, many have fallen at the hands of those who are offended by the Gospel.

In places like Iran, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, China, Nigeria, North Korea, Turkmenistan, and many others, Christians are forbidden to practice their faith. Yet they persist despite the threat of property destruction, harassment, imprisonment, and even death. And the intensity of their faith is incomprehensible to their persecutors. These who persist are loyal to the death to the King of kings, not worldly leaders (Psalm 118:8).

What are the persecuted asking from us? Our prayers on behalf of those who torment them. Their prayer is that the hearts of their attackers will be opened to the Gospel. They are not asking for relief from their physical suffering, but that those who are in spiritual darkness will find the Light (Matthew 5:44).

Quick Facts
What Does the Bible Say about Religious Persecution?
The Ethics Scripture Index →
If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me before it hated you.
—John 15:18

•What Do Southern Baptists Believe about Religious Persecution?Resolution On Religious Persecution – June 1997 →Resolution On Christian Persecution –June 1996 →Resolution On China And In Support Of Chinese Christians –June 1989 →Resolution On Persecution Of Christians – June 1988 →
…WHEREAS, The principle of religious liberty is rooted in Scripture, demonstrated in the gospel, and foundational to the nature of the human spirit as created by God; …

•What Have Southern Baptists and other notable Evangelicals said about religious persecution?
Richard Land – Shining the light on North Korea →
The United States and every civilized nation in the world must make human rights an inextricable part of their foreign policy, so that economic and military agreements and decisions are never separated from basic human rights.

All this material is found The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission website:

This morning I'm preaching the sermon "We Can't Stop Speaking" from Acts 4:19-20. We must continue to preach God's word in our own area of this country.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prayer for the People of Japan

Here is an update from our International Mission Board. Good News is all of our missionaries in that area are safe. Praise the Lord! Pray for these missionaries as they work with the people of Japan.

Japan relief assessment update
March 12, 2011

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A BGR (Baptist Global Response) assessment team will be on-ground in a few hours. Contact has been made with a Japanese Baptist church in Tokyo and the team will be based out of there.

"The Japanese government is very strong and able to respond and is not asking for private help from outsiders," said Jeff Palmer, BGR executive director. "However, BGR working through our Japanese brothers and sisters, we will be able to mount a response that will be effective, meet needs in overlooked areas and help strengthen the witness of Japanese believers to hope in Christ.

"Please pray for the response. Please pray for wisdom and knowledge as we try and discern how to best help. Most of all, please pray for Japan: physically and spiritually."

Updates on Baptist Global Response relief efforts can be monitored on Twitter (, Facebook (, and

Donations to help with the disaster response can be made here.

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