Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Morning At First Baptist LaBelle

Another beautiful day in South Florida. At church today we had FIDLERS using our building to test young children and help them and their parents get the help they need educational.

Our First Baptist Preschool K-4 class was trying some of the foods that are talked about in the Bible. Bread, Olives, Cheese, Figs, Dates, Honey, Grapes and Butter. All the kids like the bread and grapes but most of them didn't like the Figs and Dates. It is a wonderful watching these kids learn and for many taste new foods.

Our Mommies and Me met today. Mothers and Preschoolers met to continue to learn to play with others. It was wonderful to see the mothers work together and conduct the class in Vanita's absence due to a sick child. It's a blessing to see how far these mothers have come because in the beginning many of them wouldn't of thought of leading the class. Our Mommies and Me Moms are working on several projects to help other mothers.

All of this happen before 12 noon today. God is so Good!

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