Sunday, September 12, 2010


This weekend marks our first birthday in our new education building. It is hard to believe that our building is one year old. When I stop and think of all of the things that have taken place in our new building: Sunday School classes, Mission Friends, G.A.’s, R.A.’s, Countless Meetings, our new preschool, Judgement House, Wedding Reception, Relay for Life Dessert Auction, Choir Rehearsals Children & Adults, FDLERS, and VBS.

Our new building has been use for many things in its first year. Throughout its use the name of Jesus has been shared. Children, Youth and Adults have accepted Jesus Christ because we have had the space to start new ministries, continue on with our regular ministries. New born babies have felt the love of the Lord through workers and mothers have felt secure leaving their children with us. Many parents come to our church because we have a facility that meets there families needs.

On this first birthday we have a lot to celebrate and be Thankful for. We still have a note on this building but look what has happen because we have been faithful to the task. We knew God would lead us and we knew it would cost us but as we stay faithful to the task, God’s name is lifted up. As we celebrate our first birthday to our education building, God might want you to give a special offering to the debt of this building. Thank You Lord for allowing us to experience these wonderful events in our church. Our Future Is Now!

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