Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maquire State Mission Offering

Today I would like to share this important letter from Dr. John Sullivan our Executive Director of the Florida Baptist Convention

Dear Pastors:

Only eternity will reveal all of the many good things that happen in our "neighborhoods" because of your love, leadership and grace. Thank you for allowing God's call to continue to work out all that redemption has worked in.

I need your help. During the second week of September, Florida Baptists will observe the Week of Prayer for State Missions and the Maguire State Mission Offering.

All of our mission work supported by the offering is vital to the Kingdom-assistance for new churches, more than nine compassionate ministries and mission camps to help develop our next generation of believers and missionaries. The offering also underwrites our mission partnerships nationally and internationally.

However, at this time, our work in Haiti is absolutely critical. We have had "boots-on-the-ground" since day one after the January 12 earthquake. We have been able to do what we have done because of our 15-year partnership and network of 900 churches in Haiti. Our seven missionaries are paid through the resources of the Maguire State Mission Offering. There has never been a more crucial time for the offering in Haiti.

Pastor, help us go into the "neighborhoods" of Haiti where people are responding to the gospel in unprecedented numbers. Our missionaries report more than 150,000 Haitians have been saved since the earthquake and 130 new churches have been started to conserve the harvest.

The need is great. The opportunity is now. Please pray for the missions and ministry efforts of Florida Baptists. Please give to the State Mission Offering and lead your church to give.

May the good things of grace continue.


John Sullivan

Office of Executive Director-Treasurer
Florida Baptist Convention
800-226-8584, ext. 3016; 904-596-3016
FAX: 904-346-0271

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