Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plan of Salvation

What do you understand it takes for a person to go to Heaven?
Consider how the Bible answers this question: It 's a matter of FAITH

We cannot have eternal life and heaven without God's forgiveness. Read Ephesians 1:7a

Forgiveness is available. It is

It is impossible for God to allow sin into heaven.
  • Because of who He is: God is loving and just. His judgment is against sin. Read James 2:13a
  • Because of who we are: Every person is a sinner. Read Romans 3:23
But how can a sinful person enter heaven, when God allows no sin?

T is for TURN
Turn means to repent.

H is for Heaven
Heaven is eternal life.
How can a person have God's forgiveness, heaven and eternal life, and Jesus as personal Savior and Lord? By trusting in Christ and asking Him for forgiveness. Take the step of faith described by another meaning of FAITH: Forsaking All I Trust Him.

Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner and have displeased You in many ways. I believe You died for my sin and only through faith in Your death and resurrection can I be forgiven.
I want to turn from my sin and ask You to come into my life as my Savior and Lord. From this day on, I will follow You by living a life that pleases You. Thank You, Lord Jesus for saving Me. Amen.

After you have received Jesus Christ into your life, tell a Christian friend about this important decision you have made. Follow Christ in believer's baptism and church membership. Grow in your faith and enjoy new friends in Christ by becoming part of His church. There, you'll find others who will love and support you.

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