Thursday, July 8, 2010


Yesterday was a great day for us in New Orleans. Our two construction teams went down to St. Bernard Housing Project for orientation and then began work. They also split our two teams into three teams. Some of our guys was doing plumbing and electrical work and our other two teams were doing sheetrock work.

The group that I was with went to the Kingley's House. We worked with lower income Senior Adults. They call it Senior Adult Day Care. They feed them breakfast, lunch and a snack before they go home. Seven of us went to this ministry. We read Scripture, sang hymns, played games and just talk to them. Many of them were willing to talk to you and tell you stories. Today we are going to take some of our VBS crafts and share them with the Senior Adults. It is such a blessing working with this people.

Please continue to prayer for us and we are praying for our church.

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